This server is supported by players like you! If you enjoy playing here please consider contributing and become a VIP. VIP is only $5/month and all goes to paying for the server rental. There are some perks to VIP status. Set your own join message. Set your own knife kill message. Set your own defib kill message. Set your own reptool kill message. Set your own roadkill kill message. Set your own EODbot kill message. Set your own claymore kill message. Set your own MAV kill message. All VIPs are on whitelist. No chat spam in server. Take command of own squad. Server message that VIP yourname has joined. Recognition on the website on roster page. Eternal good aim and health! Instant join - No waiting in queue Balance protection - all VIPs are whitelisted from balance. Server sponsors are the ultimate pros around here and are much respected. Server slot is $25/month and gets all VIP perks plus these. Recognition on the website on roster page. Name on Server Page Name on Join Screen Name mentioned in ingame chat spam Eternal gratitude of all server members! Sponsors are on the prefered list to become ADMINS. If you want to be a server admin this package is for you.
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This server runs on donations from people like YOU! All donations appreciated! Questions or comments? admin@BF4SF.com © 2017 BF4SF.com
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