Want to become a member of BF4 Platoon Special Forces? We are recruiting mature players that PTFO! We have a few requirements to join. Mature players only. If younger than 18 ask a member for help on how to get a waiver. Get a mic. Our squads are always on the top of the board. Why? Because we talk to each other and work as a squad. Play on the server. Very important to be seen on the server and let the other SF guys know who you are through chat or mic. PTFO! I can’t stress how important this is. Play The F-ing Objective means you don’t sit back and snipe when attacking, do not camp vehicles, and in general do not be a noob. Get a sponsor. SF guys are always on the server. Let one know you need a sponsor. Send friend request to SF members. Once you do you will be sent an invitation to join. Once you accept, add the SF platoon tag to your profile and feel free to use the SF shield. Welcome to the SF Platoon!
This server runs on donations from people like YOU! All donations appreciated! Questions or comments? © 2017
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