This server runs on donations from people like YOU! All donations appreciated! Questions or comments? © 2017
24/7 RUSH SERVER was created as a place for mature players of all skill levels to come together and play the best game mode on BF4, RUSH. BF4 has different modes of server operation. The two main modes are OFFICIAL and RANKED. EA/Dice have set “play now” to only send players to OFFICIAL mode servers. Since they do little to protect OFFICIAL mode servers from hackers you should only play on RANKED mode servers. RANKED mode allows admin control of commands like BAN and KICK. Here at 24/7 Rush we allow the anti-cheat plugins to take care of the bans. Rarely will an admin take action on our server, and then only with video proof. We will always follow up with the report of the hacker on BF4DB to make sure we did not ban in error. This server is hacker free and we have active admins on during most times of the day. If you suspect a hacker, jump in the discord channel, report in game, or email the admin by cllicking the icon on the top left of the page. Thanks for stopping by!
Welcome to the Battlefield 4 24/7 Rush Server Site!
This server is supported by players like you! If you enjoy playing here please consider contributing to keeping us online. There are three ways you can support: Server Sponsor, VIP, or just a one time donation. There are some perks for Sponsor and VIP status. Check the contribute page for details.
Want to become a member of BF4 Platoon Special Forces? We are recruiting mature players that PTFO! We have a few requirements to join. Click button below for details.
Discord VOIP server is similar to TeamSpeak. There are channels for attacking and defending teams. Click the link below to start talking to your team now.
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This server is a RANKED mode server and we actively stream to PBBans, ACI, GGC, and BF4DB. This allows us to keep the server free of hackers. If you suspect a hacker let one of our admins know and we will take appropriate action.